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Working Off the Holidays & Happy Dogs

What a day! 1 meet and greet, 5 dogwalks and 5.89 miles later we have LOTS of happy dogs and I’m slowly working off those holiday sweets 😂🐶❤️🎉

Huey and I visited the ducks again today and admired more roses. 😍 Then the adorable Gracie completed part 1 of her 2 part meet and greet to become a new pack member! 👏 She met the gatekeeper (my Dogter Yosemite) and snuck in a few kisses!

Next it was off to take Tucker on his 1 HR Dogwalk adventure and celebrate the New Year somewhere different! We joined up with Milo and his owner to take in a gorgeous sunset at Barnett Ranch.

Here are some highlights from a beautiful day and happy tails!

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