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A former Marine, I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, with big dreams and a serious case of wanderlust. Naturally the military provided me with the chance to fulfill my love for travel, while teaching me invaluable skill sets to navigate life. A proud veteran now, I called San Diego home in 2000 and obtained my degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute.  


An east coast transplant and insane nature lover, I immediately began to inhale and explore all the beauty California has to offer. It was during this time I developed a love for photography and became spiritually inspired through many camping adventures to places like Yosemite. “I remember just standing there with my Nikon in hand looking upwards. I was completely awestruck by the gorgeous 2,400-foot waterfall in front of me, while feeling incredibly humbled by towering mountain ridges in my peripheral.  To this day, Yosemite continues to offer unparalleled scenic opportunities for me to capture, and is a personal favorite place to vacation.    


Driving home from that trip, changed my outlook on life. I returned to the grind working over the years as a 3D CAD/Graphics Specialist, Condominium Plan Designer and eventually a Marketing Director for a local Commercial Real Estate firm. I found myself working like most, as a means of paying the bills. While I enjoyed having a job and a paycheck, I seemed plagued by an inner voice whispering, “Psssst, You’re not doing what you love.”


And so, it became imperative I silence this entrepreneurial whisper. It wasn't long before I decided to merge 25+ years of combined experience in administrative support, technical and graphic design with two very special elements that were clearly missing – Photography and my love for dogs! Hence the backstory and creation of Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs.

I believe that when you connect with your passions and use your talents to help others, you find your true purpose in life. I enjoy being able to combine all that I have learned and currently love into a single business.  My open mindedness, compassion, problem solving abilities, and unique “outside of the box” approach has contributed to both past and hopefully future success.  In short, I pour love into just about everything I do, while possessing incredible attention to detail and a strong work ethic.  My professional and personal views include values like honesty, great communication, a positive attitude and teamwork.


It is uncertain how THIS adventure will unfold but one thing is for sure...


That whisper no longer suggests I’m NOT doing what I love.



Every now and then, a dog comes into our life that ultimately forever changes the way we look at it. For me, that was my girl Maui. Nicknamed "Bean" for her unbelievable jumping skills, she brought an unparalleled amount of love and laughter not only into my life, but everyone she met. You are dearly missed my angel. Thank you for guiding me to realize what is important in life and to spend more of days surrounded by exactly that.  

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