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Meet & Greets are a much needed step to making sure your pets will be happy, comfortable and safe during their stay or scheduled service!


They are also required for all new clients prior to scheduling dog boarding (in my home only), dog walking or drop in care (in your home).

The cost for scheduling a meet and greet is $20. If your pet(s) do not pass the meet and greet, your cost for the session will be refunded. Depending on the type of service requested, you can expect the meet and greet session to last anywhere from 1/2 hour to one hour. 

If you are considering boarding service in my home, my business pawtner Yosemite and I look forward to meeting you and your furbaby! Good chemistry is a must and dog safety is always our number one priority. Please read the boarding requirements below prior to scheduling your meet and greet. 

A Meet & Greet Session is required for all NEW clients. This session will help me get to know you and your pet along with their care routine. Meet & Greet for Drop in C...
Meet & Greet Session
1 hr

A Meet & Greet Session is required for all NEW clients. This session will help me get to know you and your pet along with their care routine. 

Meet & Greet for Drop in Care / Dog Walking Services

Meet and greets are conducted at your address 

Estimated Appointment Time: 30 Minutes or Less

Meet & Greet for Dog Boarding Services

Part 1 of the Meet & Greet is conducted on neutral ground first at a local dog park. If your pet passes Part 1, Part 2 will be conducted in my home

Estimated Appointment Time: 1 Hour or Less

*If your pet does not pass the meet and greet, your appointment fee will be refunded. 

My Business Pawtner | Yosemite |  6.5 Year Old Yellow Labrador

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Dog Boarding Requirements:

Items required prior to booking boarding services with Shellz Dezign Photography & Dogs, LLC: 

  • A Scheduled Meet & Greet at least 48 Hours in Advance of Desired Boarding Care

  • Proof Your Dog is Currently Up to Date on All Shots 

  • Updated Vaccination Records should include: 

    • Last Given Date, Next Due Date

    • DAPP (a.k.a. DHPP) Vaccine

    • Rabies Vaccine

    • Leptospirosis Vaccine

    • Bordetella (Sometimes Called Canine Kennel Cough) Vaccine

    • *Canine Influenza Virus (Dog Flu) Vaccine 

    • *I will be requiring this vaccine as of Jan 2022 due to a current outbreak in CA)

  • Disclosure if Your Dog is on Flea Medication

  • A completed Pawreference Sheet (provided by me) is required prior to receiving services

Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to dogs aggressive in nature or unsuitable for boarding/services in efforts to maintain a safe and pleasurable experience for all parties involved. 

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