Meet & Greets are a 30-Minute session where I get to know all about you and your dog. Additionally, it gives me the opportunity to assess their behavior, and their ability to get along with my dog (aka the Gatekeeper).  After all, they'll be sharing a playground together, and dog safety is my number one priority














Bottom line, Meet & Greets are a much needed step to making sure your dog will be happy, comfortable and safe during their stay! 

Dog Boarding Requirements:

Items required prior to booking boarding services with Shellz Dezign Photography & Dogs, LLC: 

  • A Scheduled Meet & Greet at least 48 Hours in Advance of Desired Boarding Care

  • Proof Your Dog is Currently Up to Date on All Shots INCLUDING the Leptospirosis Vaccine

  • Disclosure if Your Dog is on Flea Medication

  • Contact Information for Current Veterinarian 

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The Gatekeeper

Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs, LLC reserves the right to assess and refuse service to dogs aggressive in nature or unsuitable for boarding in efforts to maintain dog safety and a pleasurable experience for those booking stays