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As far back as I can remember, I've had a special connection, love and admiration for dogs.  To spend my time surrounded by them and caring for them, fills my heart with a sense of happiness I can't even begin to explain. A dog owner for over 27 years, and an avid dog sitter for over 10 years and counting, I've been fortunate to care for all sorts of dogs, in addition to my own.

I have enjoyed extending my services to those who might need a little help exercising or caring for their favorite family member!

If you're in need of dog sitting services, please be sure to check out my PAWSOME Reviews and schedule your Meet & Greet in advance!  

When it comes to quality care for your dog, Shellz Dezign Photography & Dogs, LLC Delivers! 

Check out what my clients think of their staycations, dog walks and drop ins below! 

Note: For the safety of your pet, I do not walk in weather 85° and above 

Cancellation Policy: 50% booking fee due for any services canceled less than 48 hours in advance