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When You Truly LOVE What You Do 🐶📸🎨

I LOVE my job! ❤️🐶

So I’ve decided the dogpark/dogwalk combo is PERFECT for tuckering Tucker out! LOL 😂 So we did that twice today for 2 hours + 2.53 miles and he is pooped! Yosemite isn’t sure why she’s getting so much EXTRA exercise lately and is equally exhausted 😂🐶🐶❤️

Spent some time with sweet Gracie today for her 1/2 HR 1.81 mile Dogwalk! She even stumbled upon a golf ball and it made me miss Huey who is still on his bed and brekky vacation 😁 We pocketed this keeper for my next round! Good work Gracie girl! We also got an extra special treat and finally met the best mail lady in Ramona, Cheryl! Naturally she had to stop and love on Gracie being the huge dog lover she is. 💞

Floyd and Thatcher skipped the dog run today and we cruised a cool 1.46 miles on their 1/2 HR Dogwalk 😎

Love me some well exercised dogs, happy tails and tongues!

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