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Welcome to 4 New Pack Members!

Get excited Shellz Pack members because we have not 1, not 2, , not 3, BUT 4 NEW cuties to add to the pack!

Please welcome Tadashi, Scout, Hunter & Diamond!

Tadashi is a 2 1/2 year old HANDSOME #GoldenRetriever who LOVES people (like any golden does LOL) other dogs and walks! His name means loyal, faithful and true in Japanese. He knows LOTS of basic commands and from what I hear loves to chase rabbits! 🐰Highly energetic, we'll be providing LOTS of exercise during his staycation in July! lol

Hunter & Scout are both #AustralianShepherds. Hunter is 3 and Scout is 5 and each have playful yet different personalities! <3 Scout is a the more outgoing one while Hunter is a bit reserved and shy until she gets to know you of course. Both love playing the hose game where they chase the water coming out of it. They will both be receiving drop in service and lots of TLC during their sessions.

Lastly we have Diamond, a 2 year old #ShihTzu. This little girl is about as cute as they come and quite attached to mom and dad! ❤ lol Yosemite and I aim to change that this weekend with lots of walks, socialization and LOVE while she's on her staycation!

Stay tuned for more pupdates with these cuties!

For PAWESOME #dogwalking, #dogsitting, and drop in services contact me today 619.929.1743 or visit

*New boarding rates in effect as of 04/27/2021

*All boarding clients must have their Leptospirosis Vaccine


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