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Welcome NEW Pack Members Nala, Tinkerbell, Stella, Luna & Tahoe

Greetings Shellz Pack Fans! 

We've got some pretty ADORABLE New Pack Members to welcome and two more on the way! 

First up we have Nala!  (aka Nala Bear or La La), Nala is an almost 5 year old super friendly Golden Retriever who just LOVES affection! Then again, what Golden do you know who doesn't? LOL Incredibly social, Nala knows a ton of commands and tricks, is an emotional support dog and enjoys small dogs. I'm told she likes to bring you her "babies" when greeting you, also known as stuffed animals. She can be quite timid when it comes to loud noises or quick movements so we will be sure to be sensitive to that to ensure she feels comfortable during her staycation! 

Next we have Tinkerbell, a super sweet 2 year old Yellow Lab. I would almost have to argue she's a White Lab as she makes Yosemite look like a Chocolate Lab haha! Tinkerbell likes playing ball, LOVES the water and enjoys affection like most Labs do! Tinkerbell has received training from Wither's Dog Training and I must say for a 2-year old, is very well behaved and responds to her commands very well! Something tells me I'm going to be doing a double-take during her staycation with us! haha

Lastly we have a trio that couldn't be more cute if they tried!!!! LOL A 1-year old Frenchie named Luna, a 6-year old Sheltie named Tahoe, and an 11-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Stella. In case you guys haven't noticed the JRT's are outnumbering the rest of the breeds I care for haha! Frenchie's are known for being comedians and Luna definitely holds true to the saying. She enjoys stealing food from her packmates, teasing Stella and looking at you with a face that will make you smile no matter what kind of day you're having. Tahoe is the most passive of the group and just so stinking cute. She loves affection as well when Luna isn't stealing the limelight. The oldest of the bunch Stella truly inspires me. Recently diagnosed with diabetes she also lost her vision yet manages to overcome and adapt to her surroundings. We will of course be administering insulin during their scheduled drop in sessions and keeping a close eye on this cutie. 

Stay tuned for photos and fun of these guys in the daily pupdates! You can always follow their adventures on my Facebook Business Page

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