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Welcome NEW Pack Members Kevin, Billie, Maggie & Tiki

I’m pleased to introduce 4 NEW members to the Shellz Pack! Like all the rest they are total cuties ❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶😍

Please help me welcome Kevin, his sister Billie, and Maggie and her sister!

Kevin is a 1.4 year old #Foxhound mix with a nose for trouble and shenanigans 😂 Kevin was adopted by his loving owners during Covid from the Helen Woodward Animal Center . I’m told he loves to bark at birds, play tug of war and annoy his sister Billie.

Billie on the other hand is a 4.8 year old #GermanShepherd and #americanbulldog mix who loves affection, fetch, belly rubs and swimming. This sensitive canine soul was also adopted from the Escondido Humane Society who found her roaming the streets of LA.

Both Kevin and Billie will be getting weekly walking so we can help drain Kevin’s high energy and satisfy his sniffer.

Maggie & Tiki are quite the adorable pair and both passed their meet and greet to get their boarding tags! The senior sweethearts will be staycationing with us next week.

Maggie is a 12.5 year old #YellowLab who like most Labs, LOVES treats! She also loves to nap (I already know we’re gonna be great buddies 🤣) and go on walks!

Her sister Tiki is a 14-year old #Hound #Terrier mix from Frosted Faces Foundation 💗 I’m told she likes peace and quiet, also loves to nap and is rather independent and reserved.

Let’s give these cuties some welcome WOOFS!

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