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Welcome NEW Pack Members Bare, Lucky & Roczen

LOTS of new Members to add to the Shellz Pack!

Please welcome Lucky, Bare and Roczen!

Lucky is a SUPER SWEET 12-year old Chocolate Lab who literally melts your heart the minute you you meet him. Like any Lab, he still LOVES his ball, walks and has the mindset he's still 2 years old LOL. Lucky will be receiving drop in care.

You guys might remember "Baby" Bare, the handsomest Malinois/German Shepherd! Although he's not a Baby anymore LOL! Bare was my first Ramona dog walking client back when he was a pup. He's almost 2 now and has officially graduated to earning his boarding tags for a super fun staycation with Yosemite next week. We will have LOTS of fun hikes and adventure planned for this guy!

Last up we have Roczen! Roczen is a HANDSOME 1.5 year old rescue Husky mix. Like most pandemic pups, he's looking to get outside and enjoy a lot more socialization! His owners tell me he loves to sleep with a pillow and enjoys snuggling up next to you when sleeping. Roczen will be receiving dog walking services and LOTS of exercise and LOVE.

Let's send some WOOFS and WELCOMES to these AWESOME PUPS!


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