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Welcome New Pack Member Pippin! 🐶❤️

Welcome to Pippin, the newest and YOUNGEST member of the Shellz Pack to get their boarding tags!

Pippin is a playful 8-week old Golden Retriever full of curiosity! He met the gatekeeper @yosemite.theyellowlabrador today and was quick to make furiends and maybe try to snatch an ankle or two 😂 Pippin like all other dogs was eager to check out the Shellz play palace and immediately made a beeline for the toy box. I’m told he LOVES squeaker toys!

Expect lots of laughs, naps and cuteness coming at you tomorrow when he enjoys his first playdate away from home.

Please join me in sending lots of woofs and a warm welcome to Pippin! ❤️🐶👋

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