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The Big Mix Up 😂🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️

I feel blessed that so many trust me to love and care for their pups. 🙏🐶 It’s only been about 12 hours but we have another houseguest here for a staycation - SWEET Sassy! 😍❤️🐶 Yosemite and her picked up right where they left off, getting treats, looking cute and having a “Who Wore it Better Contest” 😂 We enjoyed 2.45 miles of walking today and some socializing with the park pups as we passed by.

I’ve never mixed up my walk times with clients but for whatever reason I did not pay close enough attention to my Google calendar today 🤦‍♀️

Gracie was a little confused why I showed up an hour early for her 1/2 HR Dogwalk 🤔 but was ready to blaze 1.6 miles 🔥and of course sniff lots of stuff in the neighborhood lol

Thatcher and Floyd were so patient 😇 and because I was an hour later than expected for their walk I had to make amends. How you ask? With a 1.33 mile walk and trip to Kahoots for their favorite treat, PIG EARS! 😜 I think they forgave me after that 🤣

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