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Sunny Saturdayz Are Our FavFURite

Another Sunny Saturday for the Shellz Pack and 6.38 miles of #dogwalking today! ☑️

Archer is still enjoying her staycation and we kicked off our morning with a 3.33 mile beautiful trail hike. She got to meet a new furiend and fellow pack member Max. We also hit the playground later with Yosemite LOL! Tired from a big day, she kept me company while I cranked out some #graphic design work for new clients!

Max, Rose, Oxley and Sadie got in a great 1.38 mile 1/2 HR #dogwalk today

While Huey spent the day sniffing flowers and looking adorable as always 😂❤️🐶😍

For PAWSOME #dogsitting, #dogwalking, #dropins and #petphotography visit | 619.929.1743


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