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Shellz Pack Pupdates Galore!

So I’m a little behind on my pupdates LOL ❤️🐶 But here is a summary of all the Shellz pack members and two new ones I met today!

Sweet Chloe girl is back and currently enjoying her staycation with Yosemite!

She picked up right where she left off...emptying the toy boxes, blaming Yosemite for the mess and looking adorable 😂

Tucker got some awesome park time for his 1HR Session on Monday. I’m officially dubbing him “Air Tucker” with those agility skills lol

Max, Rose, Oxley and Sadie received lots of walks and care over the weekend.

Gracie girl explored more of the golf course with me today and did some squirrel hunting for her 1/2 HR #dogwalk

Last but not least I had the pleasure of meeting Thatcher and Floyd today for a 1/2 HR Dogwalk. It’s likely they will join the Shellz pack 🐶🐶😁 Stay tuned for more info on these two cuties!

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