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Rain or Shine - Tired Dogs are HAPPY DOGS!

Some dogs like the rain, others not so much! 😂 Today we found out who!

Max, Rose and Oxley got their 1.45 mile walk today rain or shine! ☔️☀️🐶🐶🐶❤️ Oxley’s little curly terrier hair is just the cutest when it gets wet! 😂 Max and Rose enjoyed trying to use me as a “human towel” to dry off afterwards ❤️🤣🐶🤣🐶

Then there’s my little Huey, the not so much guy! Lol we tried to use my umbrella to keep him dry though 😉🥰

Then there is my dog Yosemite...Once she’s out frolicking in the wet stuff, she doesn't want to come back in 😂

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