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New Pack Member | Blink the Shih Ztu

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Blinky who is a 9-year old blind Shih Tzu that LOVES body rubs!

Blinky and his owner’s story is both heartwarming and inspirational.

Blinky came into Melissa’s life after her two Shih Tzu’s sadly departed for Rainbow Bridge. Devastated by the loss of her two dogs Harley and Chopper, she took some time to grieve. Eventually, she missed the presence of a dog in her home and called Maria at Cute Odyssey Shih Tzu Rescue. Melissa asked Maria to bring her any dog that needed a home, and so she brought Blinky (previously named Petey) over for a meet and greet.

Melissa immediately fell in love with how “at home” Blinky felt as he walked around sniffing and exploring despite his inability to see. Maria mentioned how Blinky was not super happy at her home with all the other crazy young dogs bouncing around and how she desired a quieter place for him.

At that point, Melissa was SOLD! She absolutely adores her blind snooozy dog! Even though Maria never asked for or accepted any money for Blinky, Melissa generously sends $10 a month via PayPal to help her feed her rescues.

Blinky will be receiving Drop In Services and plenty of TLC, attention and body rubs.

Let’s give them a VERY WARM WELCOME to the pack!

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