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More Dog Boarding, Drop In Service & Dog Walking FUN 🤩 🐶🎉❤️

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job? 🙏❤️🐶🎉😁

DO WHAT YOU LOVE and you’ll NEVER WORK a day in your life 😉

More #gopro video of a busy day making DOGS HAPPY! 🎉❤️🐶

We ended Bare’s 7 day staycation with a morning park sesh and 1.2 mile walk. Definitley going to miss this handsome boy!

Huey was feeling extra frisky today and scored me another golf ball on his .84 walks.

Leia was SUPER excited for her double drop in service and 1.4 mile walk today!

Roc needed a little extra motivation (probably didn’t have his coffee lol ☕️) which came in the form of his kibble and treats on his .92 mile walk.

Gracie enjoyed her cool 1.73 mile walk. We even stopped to say hi to mom on her way to work.

Thatcher & Floyd got drop in service and a trip to the shady dog run since it was too hot to walk. They cooled down after with some Frosty Paws treats 🍦😋

Last but not least, Ollie the Bernedoodle had a big day! It’s his first time home alone so he was a little shy having a stranger come in to his house and not sure what to make of the GoPRO 😂 He eventually warmed up and we gave him lots of TLC, pets, yummy treats and a potty break.

For PAWESOME #dogwalking, #dogsitting, and drop in services contact me today 619.929.1743 or visit


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