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Welcome 10 NEW Shellz Pack Members!

We have quite a few NEW PACK MEMBERS to welcome! LOL 10 CUTIES to be exact!

Luna is the 2nd Husky to join the pack and at 2 years old she's HIGH ENERGY! This is Lil Nals new sister and together they entertain and wear each other out.

Mario & Vina are adorable 3.5 year old Portuguese Water Dogs. Vina is the toy stealer of the two and both love water, walks and dog park fun!

You guys might remember recent boarder Midas. This 1.5 year old Pug mix is as cute as they come and also love walks, toys and belly rubs!

Sweet, sweet Zeus! Just love this 3 year old sweetheart Golden Retriever. Zeus loves ear rubs, attention and tug of war. He will be getting holiday dog walking.

Lulu & Pebbles are a pretty cute packaged little pack. Lulu is a 1 year old Lhasa Apso rescue mix and pals around with her sister Pebbles a 5-year old Wheaten Terrier. Both love affection and treats and are scheduled for some upcoming drop in service!

Dynamic duo Deacon & Layla will also be getting drop in service. Deacon is an 8-year old Lab mix. His owner thinks part Great Dane and I would have to agree due to his size! His sister Layla is a 6-year old Shepherd/Husky mix who loves playing ball and treats!

Lastly we have Colt! An extremely affectionate 5-year old Greyhound/Lab mix rescue. Colt enjoy having his neck scratched or belly rubbed and being a couch potato LOL You'll see a lot of him during his upcoming boarding next week.

Please join me in giving all these cuties a warm Shellz Pack WELCOME!

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