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Leash Training & Dog Walking | Don’t Forget Those Treats!

I never know what I’m going to run into while Dogwalking! 😂 I think that’s why I LOVE my job so much ❤️ Keeps me on my toes 😁

Today’s surprises were a loose rooster, the friendliest cows I’ve ever met, some really happy goats and lots of fence runners LOL

Billie and Kevin got in a 1.54 mile workout while Kevin had plans for a rooster 🐔 dinner LOL Their bond with the cows is just so CUTE I can’t handle it. 🐄💗❤️

We did some more leash training with Fox today on her 1.29 mile walk and she’s making so MUCH progress! Her attentiveness and willingness to learn is truly PAWESOME!

We had a one on one sesh with Bear and his owner to assist with his new training collar and some tips for triggers causing unruly walking behaviors. Mom and Bear also did PAWESOME and learned a lot on their 1.23 mile walk.

Kizzy and Jezzie cruised 1.10 miles today and made sure to hit up all the local sniffing grounds.

So GREAT to see all my clients HAPPY and getting their exercise! 🙏❤️🐶

Remember to keep those treats handy whenever you’re out walking or training. ALWAYS reward your pups whenever you ask them to do something and use walk time as a chance to build the bond, trust and connection between you and your furbabies!

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