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It Was a Dog Walking and Dog Sitting Kinda Day! 🐶❤️

It was a beautiful day for #dogwalking and #dogsitting!

Current staycationer Chloe kicked off the morning with Yosemite and I then they retired for some mid morning zzz’s. Must be nice to go back to bed while mom makes ALL the bacon 🥓 😂🐶❤️

Gracie was happy and waiting with tail wagging today for her 1/2 HR #Dogwalk. We decided to do some exploring around the neighborhood for her 1.33 miles.

Then off to assist with new pack members Floyd and Thatcher. Floyd was so happy he could feel the wind between his ears! Literally 😂 Thatcher got lots of love as she perused around the dog run.

A quick pit stop for yet another meet and greet with a new pack member (details coming shortly) and it was time to head home to the girls!

Another short walk with Chloe and Yosemite before the rain hit and we are all snuggled up where it’s warm.

Time to pack for a short camping adventure and much needed vacation tomorrow! 🥳

More pupdates coming at ya next week!

For PAWSOME #dogwalking, #dogsitting, #dropins, and #petphotography visit | 619.929.1743

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