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Horses and a Husky

Luna is without a doubt my most energetic client and fastest walker 😂🐶❤️ Today we cleared a little over 3 miles in just an hour’s time on her #dogwalk 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I may be burning off those Christmas cookies and sweets a lot faster than I had hoped 🍪

Today we watched a parade of horses go by and made sure to make way for them and practice good trail etiquette 😇🐴 Naturally she wanted to play with them after they strolled by!

I think the last photo in this video says it all! The face of one happy and well exercised #husky 😂😍🐶❤️

For PAWSOME #dogwalking #dogsitting and #petphotography visit today!


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