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Dogs, Cats & Fish Getting TLC 🐶🐱🐠❤️

As a dog sitter and dog walker, weekends are typically pretty busy. Today was no exception! LOTS of dogs, a cat and even some fish 🐠 got LOVE and exercise today! 🤣

The morning started with waking Huey up from his Saturday morning slumber for his walk and breakfast 🍳 🤣 1.05 miles on the day for this guy!

Next up, a meet and greet to reacquaint the handsome Baby Bare and my Dogter Yosemite to see if he was ready his boarding tags! Did he pass? Stay tuned! Yosemite also got to meet a pony on the way to the park 🐴❤️

Then it was off to give Kizzy and Jezzie a PAWSOME workout with their first 1 HR Dogwalk session. We covered 1.96 miles - a new record for them! 🎉🐶🐶❤️ They also received an hour of drop in care so their owner could enjoy some time handling both business and fun!

Another 1/2 HR dropin session was in the books for Lucy, Max, Salem and too many fish to name LOL. Lucy was super excited to see me as she always is 😂 Apparently word is out on the street cats are welcome in my lap 🐱 Salem, a Norwegian Forest cat who I met for the first time today absolutely stole my heart ❤️ So awesome to see how loving and playful this crew is with one another.

Last but certainly not least, Yosemite and I put up 1.83 miles of walking today to say goodbye to her besties Doppler and Genesis since they’re heading home tomorrow.

For PAWESOME #dogwalking, #dogsitting, and drop in services contact me today 619.929.1743 or visit


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