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8 Dogs Makes For One PAWSOME Friday! 🐶❤️🎉🥰

Today was AWESOME! 8 Dogs from the Shellz Pack got treated to #dogsitting, #dogwalks and LOTS of TLC! Our Friday morning started early with a 6:30am pack walk. I think it was like 38 degrees but Sadie, Dodger and Yosemite didn’t seem to mind the cold on their 1 mile #Dogwalk

Early birds get the worm, or do they get the turkeys 🦃? 🤔 I think Huey was questioning this as we passed right by 20 or so lol! He quickly lost interest and went back to gopher hunting! 😂

Dodger and Sadie decided to smother me in kisses before I safely dropped them off at home from their overnight staycation. Sadie helped me navigate the way home 😂🐶❤️

Then it was off to walk the Germans and Parsons, Max, Rose, Oxley and sweet Sadie girl! The 4-pack is BACK!

A quick pit stop to see my buddy Huey for his 2nd Dogwalk, and then I picked up adorable Archer for her staycation! 🎉

Yosemite was pretty excited to have so many houseguests and welcomed Archer to the pack with a nice walk and Dogpark session later in the evening.


Needless to say everyone is now relaxing happy and tired, including me LOL 😂

For PAWSOME #dogsitting, #dogwalking, #dropins and #petphotography visit | 619.929.1743


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