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10.04 Miles | 4 Happy Dogs | Ramona

They say you never work a day in your life when you’re doing what you love ❤️🐶

If that’s true than I’m a retiree who walked 10.04 miles and made 4 dogs VERY HAPPY! 💪🐶🐶🐶🐶🥰

The morning started with Huey chasing gophers, followed by new client Gracie who follows her nose wherever that scent goes! Lol Luna enjoyed her 1 HR adventure and plenty of Husky zoomies 😂 Next up was Tucker Time! Of course I had to bring my best furiend to work with me 🐶❤️🥰 We joined up with her other boyfuriend Milo for an awesome hike to Ramona Peak!

Thanks again for joining us in the homestretch Milo, Nancy Somerfeldt and Laurie Eastwood Raher!

For PAWSOME #dogsitting #dogwalking and #petphotography visit today!


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