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Yes, I’m THAT Dog Mom 😂

I dunno...I think I might have to add “& Cakes“ to the end of my new business name 😂 Either that or my first customer was just being polite! 🐶❤️😉

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my baby girl, Yosemite ❤🎂🎉

She’s given me more laughs than I can count, and LOVE and happiness that fulfills my heart ❤️🙏❤️🐶

She is my inspiration, and has helped me me understand ANYTHING is possible with your #bestfriend by your side each day 👊🙏❤️

Todays highlight was sharing her birfday cake with all of her Dogpark “furiends.”

Music: Voyage

Musician: @iksonmusic

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