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Woofs & Welcome to 7 NEW Pack Members

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Shout out to my AMAZING clients (the human kind) who continue to share and recommend Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs, LLC

Because of your RE-FURRALS and the care and quality of services provided, we have 7 NEW cuties who have recently joined the pack!

This brings the Shellz Pack total to 76 Dogs and 8 Cats. I couldn't be more grateful to be TRUSTED with the TLC and care for so many furbabies!

First up is Laci! You guys might have seen Yosemite and I working with her lately on puppy socialization. Given she is Yosemite's cousin (not by blood of course lol) we couldn't be more excited for her and her family and are looking forward to providing her with boarding care! Laci is an ADORABLE 5-month old #wheatenterrier.

Next we have Boone & Huckleberry. These two are about as cute as can be and SO WELL TRAINED thanks to Wither's Dog Training, Krystin Withers. I had the pleasure of taking Huck on his first walk today and was amazed by his leash skills and affectionate, energetic nature. Boone will be joining us as soon he recovers from his ACL injury. Huckleberry is a 1-year old eclectic handsome mixed breed and Boone is believed to be 2 years old and a #Hound #Rottie mix. Looking forward to providing dog walking and drop in services for these two!

Sweet sweet Bonnie is a Lab Mix estimated to be around 7 years old! Judging by this girl's hilarious howl, I'd venture to guess she has a little #Beagle in her as well. Bonnie LOVES belly rubs and going on walks. I can't wait to begin drop in services to spend some quality time with this cutie!

Abby & Mia are very opposite in size but definitely not opposite in cuteness. Abby is almost 2 and her #shihtzu personality is playful and loving! Mia is a 9 year old #goldenretriever who like most Goldens, LOVES attention, walks and fetch! Both Abby & Mia will be receiving boarding care!

Last but certainly not least is Kala! Her curly coat says it all as does her fun loving personality! Kala is a 3-year old #portugueswaterdog and #poodle mix. Kala and Yosemite have been friends for awhile so we are very much looking forward to her upcoming staycation with us!

I think that's it, FOR NOW! haha! Let's give all these cuties some WOOFS and a warm welcome to the Shellz Pack!


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