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When You Know it's Going to Be a GREAT Sunset..

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When you know the sunset is going to be killer, the moonrise beautiful but the hike down will be COLD.....YOU TAKE THE HIKE! It doesn't really matter the season in Ramona...We seem to be continuously spoiled with gorgeous sunsets in both the summer AND the winter.

Special thanks to my "ride or die" hiking and biking buddy Nancy for always being up for my crazy adventure ideas! Having previously hiked this one a few times, we are 100% certain there are mountain lions on this trail.

The hike down by moonlight and headlamps was a little unnerving but hey, what are friends for? To make sure the other one doesn't get eaten I suppose? LOL

SOME FUN SHOTZ now Available for Purchase!

Sitting on Top of SDCE I - Ramona, CA

Sitting on Top of SDCE II - Ramona, CA

Hiking to the View - Ramona, CA


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