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When Passion Becomes Purpose


When I decided to quit my corporate job of 7 1/2 years, I did so with the intention of pursuing my 3 passions in life - #GraphicDesign, #Photography and #Dogs! 🐶❤️

I also decided that HELPING OTHERS would always be a founding principle of my business.

Our newest pack member has presented me with an opportunity to do just that on a daily basis.

Meet Huey! 😍❤️ A 13 1/2 Jack Russell rescue who is best friends with his 89-year old owner 🥰 Their story and the bond they share is pretty adorable, and captured my heart from the very beginning.

Despite his age, Huey motors around just fine, while reminding me to slow things down and smell the roses on our walks. Sometimes he decides he’s done walking and needs a little help, hence me carrying him for a portion of our walk 😂

Welcome to the pack Huey! 🎉🐶🥰

Im honored to be your daily dogwalker 🙏🥰


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