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Trick or Treatz? A HALLOWEEN Adventure

While most people were handing out candy and sticking to traditional Halloween festivities, a friend and I decided to mountain bike to one of my favorite spots in #Ramona - West Side Trail!

At 2400' feet, I wasn't about to miss a full #bluemoon from a mountain top and nature DID NOT disappoint! Checking out the clouds before out #mountainbike ride I knew we were in for what I like to call a 2 for 1 special. A killer #sunset and #moonrise was awaiting us our at our ascent.

As the sun began setting, I was faced with a huge dilemma and running back and forth undecided on which one I wanted to shoot more! LOL. A photographer's paradise to say the least! I stayed course with focus on the moon but snuck in some good shots of the sunset as well! The cloud cover was pretty thick which blocked our view of the rise but once it cleared, we saw some of the coolest and spookiest clouds and a beautiful moon!

I hope you enjoy these shotz while you munch on that Halloween candy and had a great weekend!

You can purchase anyone of these shots on page 3 of my Ramona album on #smugmug


Unknown member
Nov 04, 2020

Just beautiful photos. ❤️


Oooooooohhhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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