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The Ridge of Rhodesian - New Pack Members

Welcome to the Shellz pack Riley and Jaxie!!!!!

These sweet #rhodesianridgebacks got their first Shellz #dogwalk early this morning.

Riley is about to turn 11 and her brother Jaxie is a wise old age of 13 1/2. These two frosted faced cuties were rescued by their loving owners and enjoy the good life on a daily basis!

A little about the #Ridgeback for those who don't know :) They have an awesome ridge (I call it a tiny Mohawk) which is basically backwards growing hairs that runs along their back. It's usually seen when the dog is excited, surprised nervous or experience other emotions. Different then the normal hackles on dogs, this ridge makes them incredibly unique!

They are formidably known for their history tracking lions in Africa making them masterful hunters yet affectionate and dignified family members.

I've always wanted to care for this beautiful breed and today that wish was granted

Riley looking sweet

Jaxie and his adorable cute face

They're ready for their morning dogwalk!

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