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SD Voyager Magazine Interview

It's not everyday you get to be interviewed by a well known magazine! 🥳🙏😁

Thank you Shoutout Socal and SD Voyager Magazine for the opportunity to discuss more about my growing #business as well as a VERY important topic that was ultimately the catalyst for taking this leap, #Work - #LIFE - #Balance

For those interested you can read the article here:

Special thanks to my Mom, my family & friends, my AMAZING clients, my program, the #Marines, Coach Schnell, Baby Bare, Luna, Ronald, and Phoenix for looking so cute in their photos 😍🐕❤️

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Shellz DPD
Shellz DPD

And I am honored to have you guys in my life! 🙏❤️🐶 You’re truly amazing and beautiful people, and Ollie is one AWESOME DOG! 🐶😎🥰 #sograteful


Honor to have encountered Shelly on our journey in life ! Truly touched by how comfortable our Ollie 🐾 is with her. Shelly is real blessing in our lives.

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