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Saving Shiloh - A Story of Kindness

In a previous blog post, I shared the story about a recent dog attack and some tips to help you stay safe in the event you ever encounter one.

I'm happy to report there have been some rather kind and loving updates to the story about a While Golden Retriever named Shiloh. I hope you all enjoy this excerpt from another page I manage titled Ramona Acts of Kindness.


Sometimes life presents us with unfortunate and tragic incidents.

In this particular Ramona Acts of #KINDNESS story, it involves a sweet 1-year old White Golden Retriever named Shiloh and some AMAZING hometown heroes.

Rather than focus on the less than positive details of the incident, I wanted to take a moment to HIGHLIGHT the truly courageous and KIND actions of some individuals within our community.


Shiloh and her owner were out for their evening dog walk when they were approached from behind and attacked by two loose dogs.

Without hesitation, RAK Member Kristen Sturgeon witnessed the event as it was happening and sprung into action. She COULD have continued driving down the street that evening but she didn’t. Instead she stopped her vehicle in the middle of the road, and ran out to assist Shiloh’s owner, potentially saving her life. Given Shiloh's extensive injuries, I’m honestly not sure I’d have the opportunity to share this beautiful story if it wasn’t for Kristin’s HEROIC and selfless act of KINDNESS.

Shiloh is loved by many as are her owners, the Hudsons. Kristin’s selflessness and kindness that day has enabled them to have many more years together. ️ ️


The KINDNESS doesn’t end there...

Having worked with Shiloh since she was just a pup, her owners are some of the NICEST, kindest and most humble people I know. It only makes sense karma wasn’t done delivering a helping hand their way.

Shortly after the attack, Janna Graham from our beloved Kahoots Feed and Pet Ramona got wind of the incident, and immediately contacted me about which vet Shiloh’s parents were using. That very same day, Aaron Phillips from Kahoots hand delivered a check to pay for Shiloh’s ENTIRE $1,569 vet bill relieving her owners from this unexpected financial burden.

If ever you doubt there are caring and KIND people in our community, I hope this story changes your mind. These heroes acted out of pure love, and compassion for their fellow neighbors and a dog in need.

It is heartwarming to know Shiloh’s owners have been receiving an outpour of support and love from the community. Little Shiloh whose name actually means PEACE, is expected to recover from her injuries.

For many people, dogs ARE family. For the Hudsons, she is their ENTIRE WORLD.


KINDNESS always matters. When we REACH OUT and choose to help others while putting our own thoughts, needs, or fears aside, we have the potential to drastically change someone else's day or outcome.

Thank you to ALL including our hometown heroes who have helped ensure this beautiful dog and her family feel LOVED and cared for.


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