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NEW Rates - Same Pawesome Service

Dear Valued Pet Care Clients,

I'd like to thank you for the continued opportunity to be of service while caring for SO MANY of your furbabies! 

While I do my very best to keep my services affordable, it is unfortunately time for me to adjust my rates in efforts to keep pace with the rising costs of doing business and our ever changing economy. 

Don't worry, you can still expect the SAME QUALITY, LOVE, TRUSTED care, basic training, and added amenities when booking your pets for walks, drop in care or boarding with Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs, LLC! Oh and let's not forget the AMAZING photos, pupdates and exercise they receive 📸❤️

The rate change will go into effect March 1, 2024. 

*If you have pre-existing sessions/boardings already scheduled, the rate will remain the same. 


1/2 Hour Walks - $5 Increase

1 Hour Walks - No Change

1/2 Hour Drop In Service - $5 Increase 

1 Hour Drop In Service - $5 Increase 

15 Minute Cat Drop in Service - $5 Increase 

+$5 for Service Areas outside of SDCE

Boarding for 1 Dog - $10 Increase 

Boarding for 2 Dogs - $10 Increase 

Puppy Boarding - $10 Increase 

For more details on current rates and services, please visit 

Caring for animals is my passion and I am truly grateful for your continued loyalty and the many furiendships I have made along the way (both pets and humans alike).

While I understand this adjustment may not be feasible for some, I greatly appreciate your understanding and I look forward to continuing to deliver excellent care and exercising your beloved family members!

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