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Before I introduce these 11 NEW cuties....I've finally done the math for those that keep asking, "How many dogs and cats do you care for?" 😉LOL

The total number of Shellz Pack members has grown exponentially to 73 (66 Dogs 🐕 and 7 Cats 🐱❤🙏) and I LOVE spoiling, exercising and caring for each an everyone one of them!

Special thanks to their PAWSOME owners for putting your trust in me to provide quality care you can always count on. ❤

And now... our newest members!

First up we have Jack! A handsome 10-month old Dalmatian who recently received his boarding tags to come stay with Yosemite and I! He's incredibly smart and I'm sure I will try to count all his spots during his staycation lol

Next we have Remi, an ADORABLE an energetic 11 month old Pomapoo (Pomeranian-Poodle) who will be receiving drop in visits and care. This little girl will melt your heart with her cuteness and I look forward to caring for her!

Next we have Cupcake (10-year old Yorkie), Daisy (6-year old Terrier Mix), Kenny (1-year old cat) and Yuki (1-year old cat)! This ridiculously CUTE 4-pack kept me laughing the entire time during their recent drop in service they received. They are heart stealers for sure!

Cute kitties Sassy (12-years old) and Bella (11-years old), recently received drop in service. Although I didn't get to play with them much during my visits (they like to hide under the bed), I definitely enjoyed cracking open cans of food and making sure those kitty boxes were clean 👍

Bentley (7-years old) & Snickers (10-year old Maine Coon) also received drop in care recently and I got to enjoy Bentley's super playful and affectionate side. We had to go on the hunt for Snickers but did have one sighting towards the end of my visits so I was happy! Love the Maine Coon breed ❤

Last but not least we have "The Golden Boy" Bentley! I've known Bentley since the day his mom picked him up and brought him home. Naturally he is cousins with Yosemite and will be staying with us in January!

There's 3 more on the way but I'm still awaiting their Pawreference sheets :) So technically I guess it's 76 clients 😃

For more info on how your pup or cat can receive top notch care and join the pack, visit!


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