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New Pack Member Alert | Cheers for Great Pyrs!

It's not everyday I get to work with big dogs...but when I do, THEY'RE REALLY BIG!

Please join me in sending an EXTRA BIG WOOF and WELCOME to Wally! The newest member of the Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs Pack. 🐕❤️😉

Wally is a handsome 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees weighing in at about 115lbs! I remember seeing him from afar on the trail and thinking to myself, MAN that dog is HUGE!

As fate would have it, Wally's owner coincidentally reached out to me for assistance with #dogwalking and #dogsitting.

Rescued by his loving owner, Wally has a very unique history and backstory. Per his owner, he can be a bit "unpredictable and challenging" at times and is generally apprehensive when it comes to new people. What I've learned about Wally so far is that he is true to his breed and protective like every Great Pyr should be. His gratitude for being rescued was evident the first day I met him <3

As most of you know, this isn't the first Great Pyr I've cared for. Previously working with this breed has been key when it comes to establishing trust and a bond with Wally.

I was pleased when Wally immediately accepted me as a new pack member on our 1st meet and greet during a neutral territory dog walk. Today was our 2nd walk with his owner and before you know it, he felt comfortable allowing me to take the reigns and role as pack leader.

Stay tuned for more on his progress and adventures!

Have a pup who wants to join the Shellz Pack?

Visit for more into today!

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