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We have another cutie to welcome to the Shellz Pack! Say hello to sweet Nala, a 1-year old Mix of just about everything LOL This little girl is a rescue from Mexico thanks to her loving owners! No wonder she is SO HAPPY and full of energy. She LOVES to play and run and received her boarding tags last week. I've been told she can jump PRETTY HIGH and scale a 6' foot fence without a running start haha! I've also been told her nickname is Wiggle Butt and soon found out why 😂Looking forward to providing personalized care for Nala this weekend and having her join our awesome group of pups!

Let's give Nala a BIG Welcome and lots of WOOFS! ❤🐕🥳

For more info on how your dog can join the Shellz PACK and receive PAWSOME care visit or contact me 619.929.1743


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