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Mother’s Day Market FUN!

Thanks to everyone who swung by the #MothersDay Market today! I met so many awesome people, sold some #photography and LOVED seeing all the #dogs! Particularly my niece Shiloh. She wanted to help me in the booth! 🤣

The day was full of beauty and kindness!

To the kind woman (Tracy) with the African Grey who I only spoke with briefly and brought me back a surprise sugar cookie on your way out, THANK YOU! To Lynn Bixel who showed up towards the end and insisted on helping me load my booth walls on my roof racks (in a skirt I might add 💪) Those little RAKs (Ramona Act of Kindness) really touched my heart 🙏❤️🍪

To Stephanie Ramsay Norvell, new owner of Riding into #Ramona, I can’t think of a better person to give this a home too! You have one of the kindest hearts I know and I’m happy you now have a piece of the town I know you love so much! ❤️😉

After a super successful day, dog duty called and it was off to pickup Tucker for his staycation with Yosemite 🐶🥳 They had a pizza 🍕 pawty too! 🤣 ok not really.

Love, love love this town I get to call home! Here are some highlights 😍


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