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LIFE is a GIFT - Do MORE of What You LOVE

Some days just make you SMILE more than others. Today was DEFINITELY one of those days 🙏❤️🐶🥰😁

Today I got a special treat during Huey’s daily #dogwalks. ❤️🐶☀️ His 89 year old owner Jerry threw on his shades 😎 and joined us for some beautiful sunshine! Naturally I had to mark this special occasion with a mini #Photoshoot! I so enjoy my time with these two and will miss them next month when they vacation! 😁🙏

I also got to resume drop in care for the handsome Toby today which involved his favorites...belly rubs, LOVIN and FOOD! Lol 🐶❤️😍

Last but not least, I spoiled my Dogter @yosemite.theyellowlabrador and her hunk of a boyfriend Tucker with his weekly 1 HR Dogwalk! 🐶🐶❤️

Life is truly a GIFT. Don’t waste a single day of it doing anything other than what YOU LOVE 😉

For PAWSOME #dogsitting, #dogwalking, #dropins and #petphotography visit | 619.929.1743


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