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Kindness is CONTAGIOUS

I’m incredibly fortunate to know so MANY #kind and generous souls. 🙏❤️ This morning I got to team up with one whose heart is bigger than most I know!

Morgan Douglas or “Uncle Doug” as I like to call him 😉 approached me last month about a photo I took for the Ramona Home Journal some time ago. It’s also one of MY favorite photos as I feel it encompasses #hardwork, #LOVE and #family! 🙏❤️

Doug wanted to make sure the family had this #memory on metal in their possession 🥰

And so we had it printed and hand delivered this morning commission FREE 😉

I’m blessed to know you Doug, and forever inspired by your #kindness towards others

Chloe, Doug and I hope you and the entire Happy Hens family enjoy this photo 🙏


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