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Introducing Willing Couples | A Website, Graphic Design & Photography Project

When I started my business a little over a year ago, I did so with the business principle and focus of using my talents to #HELPOTHERS. It is extremely exciting when I come across other like minded business owners who ALSO hold this virtue at the forefront of their business practices and principles.

Meet Deborah Rosasco. Owner of Willing Couples and #Ramona local. Deborah reached out to me a few months ago in need of #website and #marketing help. She was getting zero leads from her existing site and looking to rebrand her business involving #CouplesCoaching, #IndividualCoaching and #AngerManagement Coaching.

I quickly realized Deborah is a woman of MANY talents and truly gifted in her practice of helping others. I was eager to help bring her passion and goals to life.

We spent some time going over her business needs and I recommended a ground up rebuild. With her input and expertise in her field, I was able to come up with a fresh new website design to better communicate her talents, professionalism, techniques, accolades, and help get her connected to those in need of her services.

In this particular Website, Graphic Design and Photography project, the following items were completed so Deborah could have a consistent and fully branded presence both offline and offline:

  • New Website - VIEW FULL SITE:

  • New Logo Design Headshots

  • Setup and Creation of 6 Social Media Accounts

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

  • 6 Social Media Cover Photos

  • Blog Presence

  • New Business Cards Promotional Ad Creation

While I have not been on the receiving end of Deborah's Therapeutic Coaching and Training for Couples and Individuals, I have learned ALOT about her as a person, her skill sets and practice. She is truly remarkable and dedicated to what she does to assist others in bettering their lives and relationships.

I encourage you to check out the new site and learn more about Deborah's amazing coaching abilities and services.

She offers FREE 15-Minute Consults and is currently offering 50% off your first coaching session.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service Deborah and best of luck to you!


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