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Creative Quarantine

So it's been ruff these past few days. Like most, I've been practicing #socialdistancing and doing my part to stay safe. As someone who LOVES the outdoors, and craves #nature, I'd say that's about the only thing keeping me sane right now, and OF COURSE lots of time with my #dog. Really looking forward to returning to "normal" like most I'm sure but for's keeping busy with projects, photography and the occasional #dogwalk. With so much free time, it's a great time to refresh that #marketing, #website or get to those "not enough time" projects. Staying #creative making art, or funny things to help those smile in my community has really helped me through this process, what has helped you?

Here's a little #Photoshop funny from 4 separate pieces of #artwork I recently merged together! Nothing says quarantine quite like a wild turkey riding a tractor through the countryside! ;)

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