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Calendar Grinch Arrested!

Dear Ramona Residents,

I’m happy to report the Calendar Grinch has been apprehended. In her possession, I’ve confiscated a number of 2021 #Ramona Calendars.

In efforts to teach this Grinch a lesson about the meaning of the Holidays and the spirit of GIVING, I’ve decided she can be let go providing she delivers some FREE calendars to the town of Ramona.

Please note, she will likely be dressed like this during her deliveries so please, DON’T pull out your shotguns or firearms. ;)

Should you be a lucky recipient, I hope you enjoy the BEAUTY of our town and this small act of kindness.

If you’d still like to acquire one before the Grinch delivers the remaining Limited Edition 2021 Ramona Calendars, please feel free to message me or visit:

On behalf of the Calendar Grinch and myself, we are grateful for the small business support we have received this year and want to make sure we GIVE BACK to a town that has shown us so much LOVE.

Happy Holidays!

Shellz Dezign, Photography & Dogs, LLC


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