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A Peek Inside a Photoshoot with Shellz

So excited to finish editing this #seniorportrait and #graduation photoshoot and couldn't be happier with the results 📸😍🎉. I had so much fun getting creative with the beautiful scenery and landscape of La Finquita Winery & Vineyard, and my model Mia was so much fun to work with! Capturing some precious moments with her Mom, PRICELESS. 🥰

Of course I also do #realestatephotography as well and lots of other things! 😉

Services and specialties include:

* Graphic Design Services

* Logo Design & Concept Creation

* Real Estate Photography/Videos

* General Photography

* Dog Sitting/Walking/Drop In Service

* Landscape Photography

* Wedding Photography | Invitations | Packages

* Drone Photography Services

* Custom Pet Portraits

* Pet Photography

* Flyers, Posters & Brochures

* Business Cards

* Image Retouching & Manipulation

* Social Media Services

* Marketing Services

* Marketing Videos

* Web Design

* Social Media Services

* Package Design

* Branding

& Lots More!

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