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A Golden Pet Photography Shoot

Like people, dogs form #friendships too. ❤🐕❤

Of course, I was super excited to be hired to capture, commemorate and create some special going away gifts and memories for Shellz Client's Bolt and Buddy (two ultra cute and super sweet #GoldenRetrievers) and Kessy, a gorgeous #welshspringerspaniel (who has been besties with Bolt and Buddy since she was little).

Daily #Ramona Oaks #Dogpark attendees, we all wish Bob and his "Boyz" Buddy and Bolt the best of luck on their new endeavors in Iowa!

You will be missed and I hope these photos remind you of the beautiful friendships you've acquired while living here.

In need of #petphotography? Contact me today 619.929.1743 or visit


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