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Some fun shotz from my visit to Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery in #Ramona.

During this adventure, I not only got to capture some more fun #wine #photography, I got to witness the Brix process.

The Brix process is done to take a measurement of the sugar content of grapes, indicating the degree of the grapes' ripeness (meaning sugar level) at harvest.

This was my second visit to one of Ramona's most notorious #wineries, and I learn something new each time I go!

Even though I've never been able to sample the goods 😉, I can certainly appreciate the #ART of what goes into making wine and the education I received.

Thank you Kitty Brisendine and Elaine Lyttleton for your time and awesome behind the scenes tour and class.

I hope you enjoy these shotz! 📸😃

Wine is Ready - Hatfield Winery - Ramona, CA

Zinfandel - Hatfield Winery - Ramona, CA

Zinfandel II - Hatfield Winery - Ramona, CA

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