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1/2 Hour DogWalk With Shiloh

I really need a new day #job....this one is horrible 😂🤣😂🤣😂🐶❤️ Working with Shiloh this morning while her mommy snuck in some quick zzz’s!

If there is one thing I know about dogs, #puppyhood is HARD work. Glad I was able to help out this family and spend time with this cutie 🙏😍🥰 Dogwalking, Dog Sitting and awesome packages to spoil your furbaby are available at

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Unknown member
Jun 30, 2020

You’re welcome! She’s such a sweetheart! ❤️🐶🥰 Love her AND you guys! 🙏😁❤️


Unknown member
Jun 26, 2020

Thank You Dear Shellz. You’re a true gift to doggies! Shiloh loves her Auntie Shellz! We are so grateful you’re in lives now!❤️❤️🐾❤️❤️

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