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Sassy’s 4-Day Staycation

HAPPY FRIDAY! Even though it’s Saturday morning and I’m posting late 😂

What a gorgeous day to exercise and love some pups Happy! 🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️

Sassy and Yosemite got lots of walking in today, 3.09 miles to be exact and a little park action in the evening. Sassy isn’t really a dog park kind of gal so we spent most of our time outside mingling with our usual pack. We also hit up the playground (Yosemite’s fav spot, and apparently Sassy’s too!) 😂 I think she’s enjoying her 4-say staycation with us!

Thatcher and Floyd got treated to their usual 1/2 HR 1.33 mile Dogwalk and made sure to take full advantage of some gorgeous sunshine ☀️ They even got to sample one of Sassy’s delicious treats (which I swear can be eaten by humans lol) and BOTH scarfed it down 😂

Not sure what the weekend has in store regarding dog adventures but I know there are plenty of #photography updates on the way for you guys 📸😉

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