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Friday’s are for 4-Packs | NEW Pack Members Alert

Sometimes family #photoshoots 📸 turn into family dog walking 🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️At least that was the case in this scenario 😁🙏

After a quick meet and greet, and channeling my inner Cesar Milan, I’m excited to introduce this 4-pack of cuties!

Max and Rose are beautiful 2-year old German Shepherds and Sadie and Oxley (the littles as I call them 😂😍🥰) are 5-year old Parson Russell Terriers!

Together they make quite the pack and will be receiving weekly dog walking! We had our first session today and enjoyed a 1/2 hour of sunshine and sniffs - ALL 5 of us! 😎

Please join me in giving a BIG pack welcome and many woofs to our new members ❤️🎉🥰


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