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Dog Walking, Labs & Lots of Laughs

#Dogs are my FAVORITE teachers ❤️🐶🤓 But sometimes I spend time teaching them too. Tucker & @yosemite.theyellowlabrador working on their basic commands during our #dogwalk yesterday and beautiful hike at Simon Preserve in #Ramona. So blessed I get to bring my #bestfriend to work with me ❤️🙏🐶

Yesterday was TUCKER TIME! ❤️🎉🐶 ok ok....of course I had to bring his girlfuriend along too! 🥰

These two cuties got a nice 2 mile workout minus PLENTY of shenanigans 😂 #Yosemite was quick to snatch up some horse poop (her favorite 🙄🤢) and Tucker decided he wanted to make out with Yosemite quite a few times on our walk! 🐶🐶❤️ LOL!

My job is NEVER short on laughs 😂❤️

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